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Elvan Escapades
Complete at Last! 
17th-Sep-2006 03:02 pm
Well, I finally finished it!

I started it before school began, but couldn't find my last "b" word to compete it. (You didn't think I would do it, did you Banshee? What's next, maybe a scenario?)

10 Things That Start with “B”


Breaks: I’m down to the last two days, two hours, and thirty-five minutes of my summer break before my last year of college and am feeling a little sad summer is almost over. I could use another one. Thankfully, the maker of Holidays at my school allotted a good amount of the calendar for breaks. In a week, Labor Day, a month, Fall Break, two months, a school holiday and Thanksgiving break, then of course in December, Christmas Break.


Ballchinians: I was trying to spell this word correctly before I listed it in my top ten “b” words when I came across its definition at urbandictionary.com. It’s quite funny, go have a look: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ballchinian. Anyways, the ballchinians on my list are those from MIBII. The movie is a pretty typical second rate sequel, but I remember the ballchinians. Weeks, or months before seeing the movie, Marian and I created the idea of ballchinians. We were rather surprised to see our invention on screen. (The reason this made the cut for my top ten is because I watched the first airing of MIBII on TV a few hours ago. Did you know that David Cross was in that movie, funny huh? He helped me think of my next “b” word!)


Bluth: Yes, the outrageous Bluth family. Thank you Ali for showing us Arrested Development! My favorite of the bunch is George Oscar. GOB uses a Segway to get around, has an awesome “chicken dance”, and uses Europe’s “The Final Countdown” for all his magic shows.


Branches: Since a branch is an essential part of a tree, I felt it would pass as a stand-in for the word tree. When I was younger, I used to be sort of a wild child. Having an older brother that was crazier than me didn’t dissuade me from my crazy inclinations. One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was climb trees. Not to sound like Jo from Little Women, but I actually did read many books from the branches of a tree. Also, trees are my favorite object to draw, sculpt, photograph, and look at.


Books: I love to read. Currently, my preferred book genre is historical fiction. I also like fantasy, some mystery . . . mostly anything fiction, and occasionally nonfiction, excluding textbooks. Right now, I’m reading The Outlaws of Sherwood. I picked it up because it’s interesting to read a new spin on an old story.


Bradshaw, Gillian: Since I just did books, I thought it fitting to put my favorite author next. As I said above, I really enjoy historical fiction books right now. Gillian Bradshaw writes mostly historical fiction, but also some sci-fi. My favorite of her books, so far, is Regina’s Song. (Thanks Marian for the suggestion!)


Baby kitties: Excluding the mangled Baby Kitty of Marian’s, kittens are so cute! I wish I had a kitten. I like my cat, Mr. Mittens, but one can never have too many kitties. I would like to get another, but Mr. Mitten’s would be highly upset if I adopted a cat.


Boys: By boys I mean men, but only men that are total hotness! Sorry Amy, just pulling your leg. I know that you already have dibs on all the hotness. Geesh, Marian! Hold on a sec, don’t get all hot under the collar, I’m going to apologize to you to: I’m sorry Marian; I would never go after your little boys.


Bivouac: This is just another term for one of my favorite things, camping! I’ve been camping in most of the western states; Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Oregon, etc. I think one of my favorite camping trips was down to Arizona in October of my eighth grade school year. We went to Death Valley, a lot of the surrounding canyons, a giant pit that scientists think was created by an asteroid, and much more.


Boredom: Because without it, I would not be driven to create things such as this list!

 Off to finish my steel design homework!
19th-Sep-2006 06:10 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome, Elel! You gotta love those dysfunctional Bluths, especially Gob. I think I still like his chicken dance the best -- it's actually amazingly difficult to imitate!

I don't know if BeBe told you, but the third season arrived a few weeks ago, and it does not disappoint. I can't wait for you guys to see it! ^_^
22nd-Sep-2006 03:45 am (UTC)
*grins* I'm really excited to see it! And I agree, Gob's dance looks easy, but isn't. Maybe we can watch a few episodes this weekend?

20th-Sep-2006 08:51 pm (UTC)
In fact I did not even remember you still had to do this! But yay! Good job! So Miss Brashaw is one of your favorite authors now? Aren't you so glad I forced you to check out some of her books^_^ And I do not have little boys! I wait for them to mature before claiming 'em!

Ah GOB... Cock-a cock-a ca!
22nd-Sep-2006 03:48 am (UTC)
Don't you remember that day at Pt. Deifance when you were checking out those little boys? Well, I do. We decided you could have the little boys because you were like a Catholic priest or something since you were checking out underadged males.
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